a use for things | armoire drawer


A mild disaster is what led to this nifty remote holder. It’s that moment when you totally freeze because you don’t know what the crashing noise could be. A million things race through your mind. I ran toward the sound of the crash. The closet. I opened it and then I knew. My jewelry armoire had fallen over! How in the world? Yes, it was broken in several pieces. Yes, my jewelry was scattered everywhere. And so were the little teeth. Yes, teeth. I didn’t think I was being weird for keeping my kid’s baby teeth after they put them under their pillow for the tooth fairy. Are you just supposed to throw them away? Who knew? So I’m scrambling around on the floor trying to pick up tiny teeth when my grown children walk in and catch me. Of course, they scold me for keeping something so “gross and ridiculous” all these years. Needless to say, all of the tiny teeth went to the trash. Most of the armoire went to the trash, save this one little drawer. I painted it white and turned it into a remote holder. But forget about the remotes. That’s not so ingenious. It’s the memory of me scavenging for teeth that’s priceless.


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