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Renovating your home is an emotional journey. It’s timely, costly, messy.. Above all, it’s change, which in itself is difficult. But making a good space great is more than just something pretty to look at. It can change the way you enjoy big events or even the way you live your day to day. Like many cut off from the kitchen, this dining room was rarely used and kind of forgotten. Just a place to toss the coats and mail. The wall dividing the kitchen and dining was removed during renovation. The entry to dining was enlarged. Walls and furnishings lightened. Now this bright space draws you in the moment you walk through either the front entry or the garage door. When I think about this terrific family gathering here to celebrate holiday dinners, birthdays.. or even just the daily routine of tossing the coat and sifting the mail, I feel really happy. ..So I guess it’s an emotional journey for me too. 🙂

IMG_9663    IMG_1427

Before                                                               After

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