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fullsizeoutput_27bd   fullsizeoutput_27b9   fullsizeoutput_27b8

This bathroom took on quite a transformation from its original 1980’s form and function. The space was literally gutted and refitted with sleek and modern finishes that give it an ultra clean and relaxing feel.

fullsizeoutput_2794   fullsizeoutput_2795   IMG_1212


The most amazing fact behind the magic is that the footprint didn’t change. The shower, tub, vanity, etc. remained in their initial positions. No walls were removed, save a linen closet. Yet, the space appears twice the size!

Little (big) tricks: Running the floor tile horizontally instead of vertically widens the space visually. Using a floating vanity opens up a space to the eye. Running the wall tiles into the shower instead of using different tiles in the shower also widens the space. A clear shower enclosure with minimal hardware elongates the room by taking your eye all the way to the back wall.

I kinda want to take a bubble bath. Don’t you?





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