designing spaces | ugly duckling


I’m especially proud of this custom built-in installed in a recent den extension. The homeowners wanted their den extended into the garage which would double this heavily used living space. The renovation was going great until issues with relocation of the HVAC was going to leave a very ugly duckling of a box protruding out into the new room.

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Uh, NO! I actually lost sleep over this. Did you look at those pictures? Yuck. Then it hit me.. a built-in! The perfect way to make the box look like a planned soffit. So I show up bright and early the next day to talk to my contractor about the last minute change.. partially proud of my great idea and partially fearing he was going to cream me for the added work.

I barely got the words out before he was sketching my thoughts right onto the wall. It was as if he had already thought of it. What? Was this my idea or his idea? I didn’t even know. I didn’t even care. It was happening and he seemed as pleased as I was about it. Happy designer. Happy contractor. Happy client. That is a very good day in my world. Bye bye, ugly duck.

*** Another great job by Parrish Construction***

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