designing spaces | my favorite to date

The first order of business for this client was to obliterate the tiny pea green bathroom.


The second task was to gut the hall bath on the other side of the wall and combine the two spaces into one.


The entire subfloor came up while the plumbing and electrical footprint completely shifted around.


Some large, modern tiles, an oversized soaking tub, a pinch of Scandinavian decor and this bathroom becomes my favorite to date.

InhKeWMOSN+QU2ddaQSuaw  qw5+6n4MTxqS0JNOAVTNEg

kI5mpJtRQLWeemf0G9d4Mw  rMsAkHh0Q36SZMjCHrVDCA


… and it’s all mine! 🙂


m5r9w0YpTTCwq4acfMxlag  Thank you, PARRISH Construction!



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