You know that super amazing ballerina who surprisingly plays the tuba on weekends? That’s not me. Let me explain. First, I’m not a ballerina. Secondly, I don’t play the tuba. More specifically, I don’t have one really cool title with an interesting hobby on the side. As designer and project manager through my business, jofa12, many days are spent with contractors and clients in various stages of renovation from planning the project to overseeing the job. Other days are spent shopping for tile.. or chairs.. or pillows. “So, you get paid to go to T.J. Maxx?” …Um, yes. However, climbing through spider webs in an old barn or storage building searching for treasures to restore for a job are also places you might find me. Renovation design has led to many open doors for planning and decorating events such as wedding receptions and special luncheons. When I’m not working on a space or event, I’m painting canvasses that I sell in various shops around my home town and online. Most of the paintings are inspired by illustrations to the stories I write for children. Everlastingly working toward publication of these stories takes a huge effort.. as does tuba lessons and wearing tights. So maybe I’m not so different than the ballerina in the show. But, I feel more like the juggler. 🙂