art and illustration | giraffe jewelry



Another illustration from my picture book story, “I Think Maybe I Swallowed A Baby,” this giraffe is quite disturbed about the creature who found his neck to be a cozy place to nap. However, he’s not nearly as upset as the whale that swallowed them both… along with several other surprising items and characters. All of this change and interruption is driving him mad until a whale-size sneeze (do whales even sneeze?) leaves him all alone and wondering if a bit of chaos isn’t always so bad.

art and illustration | sebastian


Do you ever wake up feeling sad? No reason. The sky looks gray. The hills feel high. The roads are long. And if your ears could droop, they would. Sebastian’s ears can droop and they do. He thinks he’s the only one. He thinks it will never end. But in my picture book about the sad elephant (with the argyle sweater), the sun shines again and the stars twinkle. Don’t worry. They will for you too.

art and illustration | the pastor


My husband is a pastor and looks nothing like this. But when writing my picture book about the church picnic disaster, this was the image that came to me to draw. The congregation takes notice as the pastor steps forward with a simple solution to the problem. It’s not the suit or the hair that gives them confidence. Those (I hope) evoke a giggle. It’s most definitely his calmness in chaos that brings them to reason and follow his lead to a remedy. …Then again, it could be the bowtie.