designing spaces | inspiration station


Recently commissioned to create two inspiring collages for twin teens, I found myself looking deep within myself for what I would want to be reminded of every morning. Yes, I want to know life is great and full of joy.. but it’s not perfect and that’s okay. Yes, I want to be myself and accept my imperfections.. but also strive to lean on God and be what He wants me to be. I want to be encouraged, inspired, reminded every day that I’m here for a reason. He has a purpose just for me. I can make a difference. I can find joy. I can be me.. because of Him.



photography | the lighthouse

DSC_0186I love this picture for what it isn’t. Wait. What? Things aren’t always what they seem? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? I don’t know what would best describe it. This “lighthouse” is actually a faux structure on top of a restaurant in Florida. What you can’t see is the busy restaurant below surrounded by shops and cars and people. People snap photos of actual lighthouses all the time. The fact that this one probably doesn’t get captured is exactly what made me want to. I’ve sold many of this print in my shop. People love it. I wonder if they love it for what it is or for what they want it to be?

art and illustration | little red bird


I’m sort of obsessed with drawing birds. Not realistic ones though. Funny looking ones.. tall and skinny, short and chubby.. and with very tiny legs. They just make me smile. This little guy is one of my favorites. In fact, I never sold him in my shop. I hung him in my own kitchen because he makes me feel happy.. like I want to whistle. Hmmm. I think I will.

art and illustration | and most of all


We’ve all heard it. The speech. The one about being careful, being good, and remembering all the important things we’ve been taught. Off to the sleepover or summer camp.. or maybe college or that first big job. Finally, the speech is summed up with a reminder of how much we’re loved. I painted this mama bird talking to her babies to sell in my shop and couldn’t help but imagine she was giving them their pre-flight speech. So the title above the top of the painting is none other than “…and most of all, I love you.” Because if you don’t hold on to anything else they say, at least hold on to that.


art and illustration | sweet sweet home


A fun, little painting I sell in my shop, “Sweet Sweet Home” feels simple and easy. This could work in a child’s room or office.. or even the laundry room. I actually want to live in this house with a fireplace of sparkles next to a blue, glitter tree. …Don’t you?


art and illustration | silly puppy


Okay, so my yellow lab wasn’t actually yellow and he wasn’t shaped liked this… and when he barked, it didn’t exactly sound like “woof”… For that matter, he wasn’t a puppy either. He had grown much older. But this is how I saw him and heard him and felt him in my heart. So, this is how I painted him in my shop. Samson, my silly puppy.



designing spaces | a place to create


People are surprised when they walk into my shop. While my home reflects a somewhat neutral and minimalistic style, my shop is a showcase of organized clutter. Everything I love… painting, writing, photography, creating, designing… it’s evident in the happy chaos of items that inspire me and make me smile every day… in my shop with the very green door.