designing spaces | a modern farmhouse bath


This bathroom is one for the books in transformation. I was excited to see the turquoise and pink fixtures go to the dump trailer… and especially the carpet. Yes, I said carpet!

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By moving the new vanity to the former entry wall, we were able to create a new entry from the master bedroom, giving the homeowner her desired ensuite.

The HVAC trunkline had to stay so we disguised it with purposeful shelving!

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Classic subway tile for the shower, beautiful mosaic tile for the floor, shiplap for the walls…

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… and the old bathroom is a faint memory.


V7wyUqnIR3e8hGDy0SHKqg   Another great job by PARRISH CONSTRUCTION!

designing spaces | it’s not just black and white


If you know jofa12, you know how we like our very neutral base with a pop of color. So this monochromatic bathroom was… well, difficult for me. I kept wanting to add a yellow flower or a jewel green towel or… something. But, the clients really had their hearts set on “black and white.”

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This was a complete gut with some rearranging of footprint. The old shower became part of the new closet. The bathtub became the shower. The large window became a small transom. The warm tans became cool grays.

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Finally, the use of chrome fixtures really gave the space “the pop” that it needed.. a little bling if you will. And if you won’t, that’s okay too. Because true design success is making your space a place you love.

Thank you, PARRISH Construction and Providence Flooring and Paint!