designing spaces | white on white


White on white was the theme for decorating the black hutch in this client’s home. Gathering all the white dishes they had to offer and several white-ish encyclopedias they had packed away, we set to work. The books helped to create height where needed as well as adding a neutral, earthy element to break up the shine.


And now, a metal. Exciting finds of copper, which the homeowner also already had, were added for our color pop amidst the sea of whites. And who doesn’t love copper?

fullsizeoutput_2765 fullsizeoutput_2688

IMG_9672  Before






events | spring luncheon


I’m a Florida girl living in Tennessee (where it gets cold), so I love nothing more than spring! Gray turns to green. Stillness turns to chirping. And most of all, cold turns to warm. Decorating for this outdoor spring luncheon was easy. I grabbed everything from my shop that screamed spring – yellows, mints, purples, pinks.. and birds! We set the foundation with white and tossed in a few “earthy” pieces with wooden crates and barn wood. Gotta have the white. Gotta have the wood. The white makes everything pop. The wood keeps things from looking too “foofy.” And don’t forget the food! We used dishes of all sorts as long as they felt “springy.” ..Me and my made up words that end in “y.” :-\