designing spaces | the perfect pinch of old


A recent client was anxious to rid of all the outdated materials and appliances in this kitchen. Small cabinets, carpet, and a terrible layout was only the beginning of what was hauled away.

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While tearing down the paneling in the dining area on demo day, the back of the fireplace from an adjoining room was exposed.


Although the homeowner was all about a fresh, new space, it was quickly decided that this nook of brick should stay as a feature wall behind her table.


It’s the perfect pinch of old with new.



designing spaces | a modern farmhouse bath


This bathroom is one for the books in transformation. I was excited to see the turquoise and pink fixtures go to the dump trailer… and especially the carpet. Yes, I said carpet!

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By moving the new vanity to the former entry wall, we were able to create a new entry from the master bedroom, giving the homeowner her desired ensuite.

The HVAC trunkline had to stay so we disguised it with purposeful shelving!

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Classic subway tile for the shower, beautiful mosaic tile for the floor, shiplap for the walls…

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… and the old bathroom is a faint memory.


V7wyUqnIR3e8hGDy0SHKqg   Another great job by PARRISH CONSTRUCTION!

designing spaces | super gorgeous


These clients were some of the neatest people I’ve ever met… so their home was, no doubt, well kept and already beautiful. The folks who tore out their 30 year old carpet actually kept it to reuse because it was in such great condition. I’m not kidding! Now, that’s clean! They were ready for some updates around the home, however, and the greatest transformation was the master bath.



They went warm and traditional with a modern, clean line influence… and it looks terrific. By toning down the colorful walls to a creamy white, the strong tile pattern really pops and pulls from their already rich toned trim and doors. Super gorgeous!




Thank you also Elliott Enterprise (granite)!


designing spaces | colorful neutrals


Colorful neutrals. Hmmm. Isn’t that an oxymoron? In a recent redesign, color was needed to break up the SW Repose Gray walls, brown floors and end tables, and ivory couch. Colorful books in muted tones give a needed pop while still keeping the feel calm and cozy. Using a candle the same tone as the table allows the books to take the show.. but the sparkle of the glass adds interest to the many matte finishes. Finally, something earthy green is always a win. Can’t deal with real plants? That’s okay. There are plenty of faux grasses and succulents out there to help achieve the same look.


designing spaces | very green door


Whether it’s designing a space or an event, if you know jofa12 you know we like to keep the foundation neutral, adding pops of color in significant places. A cream sofa with an orange pillow. A light gray bedspread with a yellow throw. A weathered brown tray with a bright blue tea cup. When my son first walked into our freshly painted white shop, he protested. “Mom, it’s an artist shop. It should be colorful.” I instructed him to come in and turn around. That’s when he saw the very green door. “Very cool.” He smiled. And I smiled too. Because why do we care what they think? But we do.    (Sherwin Williams Nervy Hue 6917)

designing spaces | bicycle basket


This post could definitely fall under “a use for things” as well because I wasted no time finding a use for this wire basket from an old bicycle. I see a lot of the neat variations of metal crates hung on walls and love the look. This one has its rusty spots and bent barb, but that makes me love it even more. Pairing it up with some vintage-look bicycle prints creates a fun collage. I like to think that the rolled papers are the sheet music to “A Bicycle Built for Two,” but they’re not. ..I still sing the tune in my head every time I see them, so I suppose their true purpose reigns.

designing spaces | a place to create


People are surprised when they walk into my shop. While my home reflects a somewhat neutral and minimalistic style, my shop is a showcase of organized clutter. Everything I love… painting, writing, photography, creating, designing… it’s evident in the happy chaos of items that inspire me and make me smile every day… in my shop with the very green door.