projects | louvered doors


I wanted something a little quirky and fun for this reading corner of a client’s den. I had a set of louvered doors pulled from another project and decided to play around with them to see what worked. First, I spray painted the doors very inconsistently with 3 different neutral colors of paint that I had on hand in my shop. You know how they start to spurt when the can is close to empty? I kind of like that spattered look, so I went with it. In between coats of spray paint, I actually squirted water on the doors to allow the paint to bubble and run. They needed a little cream, I thought, so I simply brushed on acrylic paint here and there… wherever I thought it was needed. After stenciling large numbers in various places on the doors, I was finished. Quirky and fun. Just what I was going for!

IMG_4086 before

IMG_4088  IMG_4092

designing spaces | the beam


My love of industrial shows in a lot of my designs, so it was no surprise that I had to have a beam in my shop. It runs the entire length of the little 8 x 17′ room. The final touch on my shop was to paint my business logo and verse on the section of beam right above the door. What’s funny is that visitors rarely notice it. But I know it’s there and what it means. Psalm 1:3 talks about prosperity and success. I have to be reminded daily that success isn’t God blessing what I have decided to do. It’s about seeking what He has for me to do and striving for that. Only then can I truly grow and flourish in Him.. which is the only true success.


photography | meters


This is not your typical vacation photo, but these are often the kind I come home with. I mean, how many pictures of the ocean do you really need? We were out on the balcony of our condo when it happened. The grass on the sandy dunes swayed in the breeze. The continual sound of waves crashing to shore had nearly lulled my husband and I to sleep. Then I saw it. I jumped up, camera in hand, and began to focus on the side of the building next to ours. “Those meters are so cool!” No reaction of surprise. My husband just smiled. He had seen this behavior before.