designing spaces | the perfect pinch of old


A recent client was anxious to rid of all the outdated materials and appliances in this kitchen. Small cabinets, carpet, and a terrible layout was only the beginning of what was hauled away.

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While tearing down the paneling in the dining area on demo day, the back of the fireplace from an adjoining room was exposed.


Although the homeowner was all about a fresh, new space, it was quickly decided that this nook of brick should stay as a feature wall behind her table.


It’s the perfect pinch of old with new.



art and illustration |the piano playing hippo


Another illustration from my picture book story, “I Think Maybe I Swallowed A Baby”, the piano playing hippo is part of a crew of circus characters that end up in the belly of a whale. Everyone is having a fine time with the circus… except for the whale. All of this rumbling and tumbling… music and dancing… is keeping the whale in knots day and night!

He only wanted a peaceful breakfast of fish…


But what he accidentally swallowed was a circus…


… and a baby.

What an interruption. What a headache! He couldn’t feel worse.

Until… the sneeze.

designing spaces | a modern farmhouse bath


This bathroom is one for the books in transformation. I was excited to see the turquoise and pink fixtures go to the dump trailer… and especially the carpet. Yes, I said carpet!

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By moving the new vanity to the former entry wall, we were able to create a new entry from the master bedroom, giving the homeowner her desired ensuite.

The HVAC trunkline had to stay so we disguised it with purposeful shelving!

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Classic subway tile for the shower, beautiful mosaic tile for the floor, shiplap for the walls…

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… and the old bathroom is a faint memory.


V7wyUqnIR3e8hGDy0SHKqg   Another great job by PARRISH CONSTRUCTION!

designing spaces | my favorite to date

The first order of business for this client was to obliterate the tiny pea green bathroom.


The second task was to gut the hall bath on the other side of the wall and combine the two spaces into one.


The entire subfloor came up while the plumbing and electrical footprint completely shifted around.


Some large, modern tiles, an oversized soaking tub, a pinch of Scandinavian decor and this bathroom becomes my favorite to date.

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… and it’s all mine! 🙂


m5r9w0YpTTCwq4acfMxlag  Thank you, PARRISH Construction!



designing spaces | it’s not just black and white


If you know jofa12, you know how we like our very neutral base with a pop of color. So this monochromatic bathroom was… well, difficult for me. I kept wanting to add a yellow flower or a jewel green towel or… something. But, the clients really had their hearts set on “black and white.”

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This was a complete gut with some rearranging of footprint. The old shower became part of the new closet. The bathtub became the shower. The large window became a small transom. The warm tans became cool grays.

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Finally, the use of chrome fixtures really gave the space “the pop” that it needed.. a little bling if you will. And if you won’t, that’s okay too. Because true design success is making your space a place you love.

Thank you, PARRISH Construction and Providence Flooring and Paint!

designing spaces | a cozy upgrade


We recently upgraded a homeowner’s fireplace by simply changing the aesthetic.

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We removed the dated granite tiles and framed up the storage cubby, which they weren’t fans of either. The new hexagon tiles really updated the fireplace without changing the gas log unit or the mantle.


It looks completely different! Sometimes you don’t have to change everything to change…everything.


Thank you, Parrish Construction!

designing spaces | uglier by the minute


This old farmhouse got uglier by the minute. The more we tore out, the more ugly we uncovered.


The home had been unattended for some time so it was in need of, well… everything! The budget was tight because the house needed attention in every way and area.


Surprisingly, the flooring is a high-grade linoleum rug instead of true wood planks and the counters and backsplash are laminate instead of granite and tile… but they look great!


It took more than a month of hard, filthy work to do the entire house. Spiders, ticks, rat’s nests, bugs… you name it, it happened.

Being linked to the property since childhood.. and seeing the devastating condition it was in before, the homeowners were pleased with the transformation. And the look on their faces when they saw the finished project was a moment worth waiting for.



designing spaces | super gorgeous


These clients were some of the neatest people I’ve ever met… so their home was, no doubt, well kept and already beautiful. The folks who tore out their 30 year old carpet actually kept it to reuse because it was in such great condition. I’m not kidding! Now, that’s clean! They were ready for some updates around the home, however, and the greatest transformation was the master bath.



They went warm and traditional with a modern, clean line influence… and it looks terrific. By toning down the colorful walls to a creamy white, the strong tile pattern really pops and pulls from their already rich toned trim and doors. Super gorgeous!




Thank you also Elliott Enterprise (granite)!


art and illustration | giraffe jewelry



Another illustration from my picture book story, “I Think Maybe I Swallowed A Baby,” this giraffe is quite disturbed about the creature who found his neck to be a cozy place to nap. However, he’s not nearly as upset as the whale that swallowed them both… along with several other surprising items and characters. All of this change and interruption is driving him mad until a whale-size sneeze (do whales even sneeze?) leaves him all alone and wondering if a bit of chaos isn’t always so bad.

art and illustration | a dancing ostrich


It’s no surprise that a whale likely takes in some interesting items while gulping down fish in the ocean. The whale in my picture book story, “I Think Maybe I Swallowed A Baby” is no exception. …a circus tent? …a piano playing hippopotamus? …a dancing ostrich? He’s only focused on the negative of these (and a few more) terrible disturbances until a gigantic sneeze changes everything…