designing spaces | uglier by the minute


This old farmhouse got uglier by the minute. The more we tore out, the more ugly we uncovered.


The home had been unattended for some time so it was in need of, well… everything! The budget was tight because the house needed attention in every way and area.


Surprisingly, the flooring is a high-grade linoleum rug instead of true wood planks and the counters and backsplash are laminate instead of granite and tile… but they look great!


It took more than a month of hard, filthy work to do the entire house. Spiders, ticks, rat’s nests, bugs… you name it, it happened.

Being linked to the property since childhood.. and seeing the devastating condition it was in before, the homeowners were pleased with the transformation. And the look on their faces when they saw the finished project was a moment worth waiting for.



designing spaces | very green door


Whether it’s designing a space or an event, if you know jofa12 you know we like to keep the foundation neutral, adding pops of color in significant places. A cream sofa with an orange pillow. A light gray bedspread with a yellow throw. A weathered brown tray with a bright blue tea cup. When my son first walked into our freshly painted white shop, he protested. “Mom, it’s an artist shop. It should be colorful.” I instructed him to come in and turn around. That’s when he saw the very green door. “Very cool.” He smiled. And I smiled too. Because why do we care what they think? But we do.    (Sherwin Williams Nervy Hue 6917)

designing spaces | asian inspired bath


As a designer, merging my influence and knowledge into each project while leaving room for the client’s taste and desire is a huge part of my job. Renovating a main bath for a sweet Asian client who loved the Asian-inspired decor of her roots involved completely gutting the existing bath and bringing it to a modern design while incorporating much of the Asian-inspired decor pieces she loved.

IMG_6664 before

IMG_6853   fullsizeoutput_1c0f

It was exciting to see the 70’s go and the neutral palette come in. They decided to keep the existing flooring for now. But if given the opportunity to change it, I would have brought in a deep taupe-gray tile. Not shown in this photo is a beautiful, seamless glass door that didn’t arrive for several weeks after the initial renovation was complete.


The neutral grays, taupes, and creams created the perfect foundation for displaying her special asian, often colorful, treasures.. and a few surprises I picked up for her around town.

IMG_6854   IMG_6895

A built-in above the toilet, once stained very dark, was painted white and turned into a neat cove for displaying even more of the things she loved.. and again, a few of mine.